Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tomlin challenged when it comes to challenges

I’ve been saying for years that Mike Tomlin is not nearly as good an in-game coach as Bill Cowher and one reason is his use (or lack of use) of challenges. Example: In tonight’s game, on the fourth quarter drive in which the Colts drove 80 yards to tie the score at 20-20, the Colts appeared to be stopped just short on a third down play at the 30-yard-line. But Indy got a favorable spot and was awarded a first down. In my opinion, that seemed a good time to throw the challenge flag, as a (likely) successful challenge would have left the Colts with fourth and inches. Instead, the Colts built momentum and went on to score.

Sure, the Colts would likely have converted on fourth down, but I like putting the other team in a convert-or-lose situation any time I can. Especially when a still-wobbly Curtis Painter is the other team’s QB. Little-noticed missteps like these lead to losses; fortunately the Steelers escaped with a win tonight.



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