Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sun columnist Preston refers to Roethlisberger as ‘Drama Queen’

In a Sept. 4 post, Baltimore Sun sports columnist Mike Preston asks Where is the Drama Queen? – a reference to Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger, who he says, always leaves us wondering whether he’ll play. “If it ain't his arm, it's his knee. If it ain't his knee, it's his ankle. It it ain't his ankle, it's a fingernail,” writes Preston, who ain’t in the business of writing eloquently, and apparently doesn't recall that Big Ben played most of the 2010 season with multiple broken bones, including a broken foot.

Perhaps Preston is just sore that Roethlisberger has been a “Raven Killer” (as the longtime columnist freely admits). But if he’s wondering why there hasn’t yet been any drama regarding Big Ben’s health, it’s because it’s only week one. In other words, Roethlisberger hasn’t yet had the opportunity to play behind his subpar offensive line, which hasn’t been able to keep from suffering an inordinate number of hits and sacks in recent seasons. But don’t fret, Mr. Preston, by the time the Steelers meet the Ravens again on Nov. 6, Roethlisberger’s injuries will once again be fodder for columnists like yourself.

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