Friday, January 14, 2011

Ravens: What are the Chances…?

The Steelers may be a 3.5 point favorite in tomorrow’s divisional playoff, but the game is really a pick ‘em proposition. In my estimation, the Ravens (13-4) have the better team, but the Steelers (12-4) have a potentially significant edge at quarterback. And while the Steelers are well rested, the Ravens may have the advantage early in the game, as Baltimore’s offense is more likely to be in rhythm. But offensive line play figures to be the key to the game, as mistakes in pass protection are likely to lead to stalled drives and/or turnovers. Crowd noise could be more of a factor than it usually is at Heinz Field, thanks to the temporary bleacher seats behind the end zone in the open end of the stadium (installed by the NHL for the Winter Classic). I like the Steelers – but just barely, assigning them a 52 percent chance of victory.

My track record for predictions: 10-5 this year, 58-25 all-time.


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