Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ravens: What are the Chances...?

The way the Steelers are going this season, any prediction as to the team's performance is nothing more than a guess. I'm picking them to win tomorrow -- 55 percent chance -- a win that would go a long way towards damaging the Ravens' playoff chances and bolstering their own.

The best reason to be optimistic is that Baltimore hasn't had much success at Heinz Field, and Ravens QB Joe Flacco has yet to win there. On the downside, the Steelers will be really shorthanded on defense if LB James Harrison can't play. And Ben Roethlisberger & Co. may need to put up 30-plus points to come away with a win -- even with Harrison on the field.

Certainly the key to the game will be stopping Ravens RB Ray Rice, who repeatedly hurt the Steelers in the game last month at Baltimore. Then again, what do I know? 'What are the Chances...?' is a mere 7-7 in 2009, dropping me to 46-20 all-time.



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