Thursday, December 10, 2009

Browns: What are the Chances...?

The Steelers haven't lost to the Browns since 2003, but could tonight be the night Big Ben loses a game in Cleveland? His perfect record at Cincinnati fell by the wayside back on September 27, yet he’s still undefeated at Cleveland.

Statistics say that the Browns have the worst offense in the league, but Cleveland has fared much better under Brady Quinn than Derek Anderson, who was under center when the Steelers beat the Browns 27-14 on October 18. Meanwhile, the Steelers have been marching the ball up and down the field all season long, but Red Zone struggles have contributed to the team’s problem closing out games.

As 9.5 point favorites, I’m expecting that Pittsburgh will find a way to win (65 percent chance), but the 2009 Steelers have become almost impossible to predict, which explains my 7-5 mark this season. Nevertheless, 'What are the Chances...?' is still a more-than-respectable 46-18 all-time.



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