Friday, April 10, 2009

Report: Steelers offer Leftwich a two-year contract

Good news. Word is that the Steelers have offered backup QB Byron Leftwich a two-year contract. Hopefully, Leftwich will sign it. Of course, Leftwich's signing would most likely mean the end of road for Charlie Batch, though it seems possible that the team would offer Batch a one-year deal for the veteran minimum. It's difficult to imagine how he would beat out Leftwich and second-year man Dennis Dixon for a roster spot, however.

I know there are some Steelers' fans who believe that Batch is a better backup than Leftwich, but I totally disagree. In terms of ability, Leftwich is a better QB than the starters on at least a half-dozen teams. It's just that in the past, Leftwich's lack of durability has been known to affect his play (a big reason why he's not a good option as a starting QB), but durability shouldn't be much of an issue if he only starts or appears in a handful of games per season.

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