Monday, March 23, 2009

Steelers likely to open season vs. Titans

The Steelers will be opening at home this season, a Thursday night game that will kick off the 2009 regular season. What is not yet known is the opponent. But it's a good bet that the league will schedule the Tennessee Titans, owing to the fact that 1) The Titans are a good team, 2) The Titans have a ongoing rivalry with the Steelers, and 3) The Titans disrespected the Terrible Towel after last season's emotionally-charged win over the Steelers in Tennessee, which is one more little thing for fans to talk about.

More importantly, there isn't another particularly intruiging non-division opponent on Pittsburgh's home schedule. Both NFC teams - Green Bay and Minnesota - are unappealing. And while the Steelers have a tremendous historical rivalry with the Oakland Raiders (and opened at home vs. Oakland not too many years back), it's doubtful the league will put Al Davis' team in such a marque spot. That leaves San Diego, which is probably the league's second-most likely choice, and Baltimore - though the league probably will look to save the two Ravens' games for later in the year.



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