Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ravens: What are the Chances...?

In contrast to the NFL's expectations this Steelers-Ravens game has turned out to be a virtually meaningless matchup. Of course, the Steelers should still do everything possible to win (except play Ben Roethlisberger), just in case Oakland manages to defeat San Diego, an unlikely scenario considering how awful rookie QB JaMarcus Russell has looked in limited action this season. Realistically, the Steelers aren't going to reach the AFC Championship game if Jacksonville and New England are the obstacles. But if Pittsbugh moves up to the #3 seed and plays either Cleveland or Tennessee followed by Indianapolis, the Steelers' chances would improve substantially.

Anyway, "What are the Chances...?" gives the Steelers a 70 percent chance of winning this game, mostly because Baltimore has been decimated by injuries. In fact, the Ravens will be starting rookie Troy Smith at QB, giving the Steelers a big edge at the QB position, even if backup Charlie Batch is the starter, as expected. Recent games between these teams have been very one-sided, and it wouldn't be a surprise if Pittsburgh won fairly easily.

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