Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Roethlisberger Reaching New Heights

A new article in Pro Football Weekly (PFW) chronicles Ben Roethlisberger's development. Roethlisberger has moved up to #5 on PFW's MVP meter, while RB Willie Parker has fallen to #8.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh is currently at #4 in the magazine's Power Ranking behind New England, Indianapolis and Dallas, and just ahead of Green Bay and San Diego. For what it's worth, Cleveland has moved up to #12, Baltimore is at #19, and Cincinnati is at #26.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think BiG Ben's game against the Browns in the second half elevated him from a very good QB to one that can put a team on his back and win games like the GREATS do. If Big Ben continues his play like he has, there is no doubt in mind he will win the MVP!!!

8:05 AM  

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