Saturday, October 20, 2007

Broncos: What are the Chances...?

This week the Steelers play the 2-3 Denver Broncos, a team that has struggled to stop the run, a potentially huge problem when matching up against Pittsburgh. The Broncos are also hampered by injuries to key players at a time when the Steelers are getting healthier on both sides of the ball. It sounds like the formula for a Pittsburgh victory, but The Steelyard's enthusiam for this prediction is tempered somewhat by the Steelers' history in Denver (4-8-1 all-time) and the success the Broncos have typically experienced following their bye week (10-2 at home). The Broncos also feature starting CB's who, if healthy, can limit the effectiveness of virtually any wide receiver tandem. It should be interesting to see if the Steelers use a more conservative-than-normal game plan, hoping to limit momentum-changing mistakes in the passing game and take advantage of Denver's porous run defense. Mike Tomlin has said Big Ben will be attacking Denver's CB's; Roethlisberger says he won't be doing much passing this week.

Bottom line: Denver possesses a significant home field advantage, but Pittsburgh is a more talented and healthier team and should emerge victorious unless it commits an inordinate number of penalties and turnovers. The Steelyard estimates' the Steelers' chance of success at 70 percent.

"What are the Chances...?" is 5-0 this season and 18-3 all-time.

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