Friday, October 05, 2007

Seahawks: What are the Chances...?

The Seahawks promise to be a tough matchup for the Steelers, especially since many of Pittsburgh’s impact players are sidelined (or likely to be sidelined) with injuries. It remains to be seen whether an injury-depleted Steelers' defense can keep the Seahawks' offense in check. It’s also a strong possibility that the Steelers’ offensive line will have trouble protecting Ben Roethlisberger, as Seattle has demonstrated an impressive pass rush this season. Another notable concern is that in a close game Mike Tomlin’s game management skills might become a factor. While Tomlin is an exceptionally promising head coach, some of his game decisions (or non-decisions) have been questionable. All indications are that sooner or later (probably sooner), Tomlin is going to make a mistake that costs the Steelers a game.

But even though there is good reason to like the Seahawks, one can’t forget that the Steelers still have Roethlisberger playing quarterback, and Big Ben figures to play considerably better than he did during Super Bowl XL, when his nerves--understandably--got the better of him. It’s also worth noting that historically, the home team has dominated this series, with the Steelers owning a 5-2 edge in games played in Pittsburgh.

The Steelyard wouldn’t be surprised if Sunday’s game is vaguely reminiscent of the ugly Super Bowl game, as many of the core players remain from those teams. And while we’re not entirely comfortable with this prediction, we think the Steelers will somehow find a way to prevail. That’s why we’re giving the Steelers a 55 percent chance of beating the 'Hawks.

* “What are the Chances…?” is 4-0 this season and 17-3 all-time.

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