Monday, August 20, 2007

PFW Says Browns Most Likely To Go From Worst To First

Believe it or not, in the new edition of Pro Football Weekly, publisher Hub Arkush tabs the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Bucs as the two teams most likely to go from worst to first in their respective divisions. I can see Tampa Bay winning a division title (and Arizona too), but the unless Brady Quinn plays like Ben Roethlisberger did as a rookie, I can't envision anything but a third- or fourth-place finish for the Browns.

Even more galling, Arkush writes "Mike Tomlin is going to have to find out Pittsburgh isn’t preschool before he’s ready to win." Click here to read the article.

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Blogger Black&Gold Girl said...

What a crap article. The Browns going to one of the best?! No way. Quinn just isn't all that good. And the Bucs are so unpredictable year to year. Nevertheless, I don't think Garcia is the godsend that Gruden needs. My guess, Gruden's out of Tampa Bay by the end of the year.

1:26 PM  

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