Thursday, August 09, 2007

One Fan's Opinion of Steely McBeam

These thoughts come courtesy of our friend Nick, who e-mailed them to The Steelyard this morning:

The new Steelers mascot, Steely McBeam, is hideous, just like all the Steelers' other mascots over the last 20 years. He looks like Mr. Peanut's drug addict brother.

But look at the history: We had The Fan, who looked like The Tin Man struggling with bulimia, and I guess The Thumb, which looked more like a giant penis than anything else. The thing frightened adolescent girls.

The Steelers don't need a damn mascot; they have fans who are colorful
enough—not to mention the ultimate team sport symbol, The Terrible Towel. Throw Steely into a Bessemer converter before it's too late.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steely McBeam, I'm appalled!!!

Out of 70,000 (or more?) possibilities, this is what was chosen??? I don't mind the looks of the mascot, really he's not that bad, but the name is just awful, it's disgusting, it sounds like some crap off of Grey's Anatomy or a crap McNasty's sandwich. As a black and gold bleeder, I say again, I am appalled, angry, saddened, shocked, disappointed,...

I hope this just goes away soon...

zcar86 from Toledo, OH

8:29 AM  

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