Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Titans: What are the Chances…?

Today marks the return of The Steelyard’s “What are the Chances?” feature, in which I predict the outcome of the next Steelers game by estimating the likelihood of a Pittsburgh win (on a percentage basis). Last year I predicted 13 of 19 games correctly; my three-year record stands at 39-13.

Last I checked the Steelers were favored by six points over the Titans. That sounds like too many points. Much like last year in Nashville, Pittsburgh’s offensive line could struggle against the Titans’ front-seven, leading to an ineffective offense — or worse, turnovers. And avoiding turnovers is the key to the game for the Steelers, as Tennessee figures to need some easy points to come out of Pittsburgh with a win. I’m picking the Steelers (giving Pittsburgh a 55 percent chance of winning), but the Titans DL v. Steelers OL matchup definitely makes me nervous.

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