Sunday, November 02, 2008

Redskins: What are the Chances...?

The good news is that the Steelers seem to match up better against the Redskins than they do against either the Eagles or Giants. So although the Redskins are a two-point favorite, I like the Steelers’ chances in Washington, in spite of the fact that Pittsburgh hasn’t won a regular season game in the capital since 1964.

This game figures to be won by the team whose QB makes the fewest mistakes. It’s well documented that Jason Campbell hasn’t thrown an interception yet this season; that’s a streak that’s due to come to an end. Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger must avoid throwing INT’s at all costs, even if it means a more conservative game plan. The Redskins don’t have the type of offense that makes a lot of big plays; the Steelers need to make sure Washington doesn’t score “easy” points thanks to a short field.

One caveat here: The kicking game could be an adventure, thanks to the presence of a new long snapper (Jared Retkofsky) and the fact that the Steelers will be going with a hobbled punter (Mitch Berger). One or two breakdowns in the kicking game would likely be enough to swing the game in the wrong direction for the Steelers. But overall I’m optimistic, giving the black & gold a 55 percent chance of winning this game.

Prediction-wise The Steelyard is 5-2 on the season and 31-9 all-time.

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