Monday, September 01, 2008

Steelers could finish first, second, third or fourth in AFC North, per PFW editors

Today Pro Football Weekly's editors announced their predictions for the 2008 season. Two editors predict the Steelers will finish first, four believe Pittsburgh will come in second behind Cleveland, three see a third-place finish and one believes the Steelers will close out the year in last place, citing the "NFL’s toughest schedule, [a] declining O-line, [and] soft backfield," all contributing to Mike Tomlin's "sophomore slump."

Personally, I find the predictions of publisher/editor Hub Arkush most likely to come true: He predicts a second-place finish for the Steelers, characterizing Pittsburgh as a "club headed in wrong direction," which is probably true, unless one is willing to overlook the shortcomings of the offensive line, a lack of depth on defense and major questions surrounding the team's return game. He envisions the Browns winning the division, with Brady Quinn taking over at quarterback sooner rather than later, which also seems a good bet, as Derek Anderson doesn't appear to be a long-term solution at the QB position.

Click here to view all of PFW's predictions. Your comments are welcome, as always.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought crack was not as popular these days as it was in recent years. Reading this dribble only goes on to reinforce the commercials, and there assertions that it is still a poplular narcotic. Let's examine this from bottom to top:

Batimore - The Steelers would have to have the team plane crash and there be no survivors to finish lower than this group. This is not because they are a pathetic team, only that they have 0 offense. Troy Smith may prove to be an NLF caliber quarterback one day, but when that happens he will have an offensive line, receivers and running backs. When the Steelers lose Alan Fancea the sky is falling in, and that is with a pro bowler like Roethlisberger. When Ogden leaves, and there is a rookie QB, they have a chnace?

Cincy - Ocho No-show tears his labia-or labrum? Whatever it is he tore, there is so much dissent in Cincy that there is talk if Marvin, cry me a river Lewis leaving after the season. Then they sign Chris(felony)Henry to add to their receivers. Only man worthy of receptions is who's yo momma, who is good, but not a one man team. Then there is the running game, where they cut their only proven runner. On defense, they cut the only playmaker in Oneil, who is now a Patriot. The cheating kind, not the one who fights for freedom.

Cleveland - 10-6 was great last year, albeit with a cupcake schedule and no-one saw them coming Now the schedule is a little harder and people have seen their act on tv. Added some beef to the line, but how good will these players be on a defense that my daughters powder puff team can put up 40 on? Then there's the QB situation. Anderson was HOT last year. So HOT that any NFL team would be looking forward to this season, to see how good he can be with a year under his beld. All the people in Cleveland can talk about is Brady Quinn, who has been less than average at best against second and third string junior high defenses in the preseason. Add this to a legacy and a culture of losing (no offense to Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar), and you have another Dewey beats Truman debacle on your hands. In my mind a team actually has to prove itself a loser (for Pittsburgh) and prove itself a winner (the rest of the AFC North) before a champion is crowned. Now I could be wrong (it certainly would not be the first time, even today), but I think the teams play should speak for itself. It will all come out in the wash. I for one look forward to watching the laundry. Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good season!!

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