Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jaguars 31, Steelers 29

The two-point margin of defeat in last night's playoff game is significant. The Steelers should have kicked the extra point after scoring to close the gap to 28-23 (which would have narrowed the deficit to 28-24). Then, after scoring a touchdown to take the lead another successful extra point attempt would have made the score 31-28 in favor of the Steelers. With a three-point lead the Jaguars' last minute field would have merely forced overtime, instead of giving Jacksonville the lead.

"What are the Chances...?" finishes the 2007 season with a 13-4 record, and is now 26-7 all-time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was nothing wrong with going for the those 2 point conversion

but rather deciding to run the ball 3 times with 3:21 seconds left while the jaguars still had 3 timeouts left. That type of loss is what I expected from a cowher but not from a less conservative tomlin or whoever made that last minute calls.

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