Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Polamalu's new contract v. LaRon Landry's rookie contract

NFL fans regard top 10 draft picks as potential saviors, the kind of players that can change the fortunes of a troubled franchise. Yet, early first round selections are becoming so expensive to sign that teams may increasingly look to trade out of the top 10 in future drafts. In fact, some 2007 first rounders are signing rookie contracts that surpass the value of those signed by established stars with Pro Bowl credentials and Super Bowl rings.

Case in point: Last week Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu signed a contract extension worth $33 million over five years, a deal that includes $15.375 million in guaranteed money. By way of comparison, rookie safety LaRon Landry (chosen sixth overall in the 2007 draft by the Washington Redskins) just received a five-year $41.5 million contract that includes $17.5 million in guaranteed money, making him the highest paid safety in the league.

With top 10 contracts reaching such exorbinant heights it's no wonder that three top picks remain unsigned, including #1 overall choice JaMarcus Russell (Oakland Raiders) and #2 overall selection Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions).

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