Sunday, April 29, 2007

Grade the Draft

If the comments on this blog are any indication (see Satuday's post, below), Steelers fans weren't too happy with the team's day one draft picks.

How is everyone feeling now that the draft is complete? I would say it's a surprise that the Steelers did not address the running back position, and maybe cornerback too.

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Anonymous steveco52 said...

Yeah, I was disappointed not to get Tony Hunt, Antonio Pittman or Brian Leonard...I expected the Steelers to draft one of these players.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Steelers entire draft was a colossal failure. What were they thinking. Taking Timmons at 15 with Leon Hall available is ridiculous. Timmons wasnt worth a 15th pick, he isnt ready to make an impact. And whats with the TE pick in the 3rd. Just plain stupid. I had a hard time watching on day 2 after the day one debacle.

trace/tucson, az

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

I have been a Seelers FAN for 35+ years. I am shocked at the quickness to bash the draft picks, Tomlin, Colbert, and everybody else involved. The lack of support for Colbert and Tomlin, esecially Tomlin (who has not had even the first chance to prove himself yet) is embarrassing as a TRUE Steelers fan.

Give them a chance to prove themselves. Give the draft choices a chance to prove themselves as well. The rush to publically bad-mouth the Steelers organization does nothing.

A thousand different Steelers fans could come up with a thousand different fraft choices and justifications for the selection.

Colbert and Tomlin are professionals. Let them do their jobs and support the Steelers organization REGARDLESS....

If you can do better, apply for the positions the next time they come open.

If their draft choices are so painful and disgusting, if it realy bothers you so much, become a Patriots fan. There are 10,000 other proud Steelers fans that will take your seat in the stadium.

2:02 PM  

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