Saturday, April 07, 2007

Steelers' draft position

As of today, the Steelers own nine picks in the 2007 NFL draft (April 28-29), including two compensatory selections (rounds 4 and 5) that cannot be traded. Pittsburgh is scheduled to select 15th in round one, and also owns the 46th, 77th, 119th, 132nd (compensatory), 156th, 170th (compensatory), 192nd and 227th selections.

While there has been some speculation that the Steelers will have the opportunity to swap first round picks with the Arizona Cardinals (#5 overall) if Pittsburgh is willing to part with RT Max Starks, that proposal seems like the product of someone's overactive imagination.

For what it's worth, the Steelers have not had the opportunity to pick higher than seventh (RB Tim Worley, 1989) in the first round since drafting Terry Bradshaw first overall in 1970.


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