Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Roethlisberger admits experiencing headaches

On Wednesday QB Ben Roethlisberger admitted he is still experiencing headaches as a result of the concussion he suffered during the third quarter of this past Sunday's game versus the Atlanta Falcons. If that's the case it would seem prudent to rule Big Ben "out" for this week's matchup against the Oakland Raiders, and keep him out of action until all symptoms have subsided.... And then keep him out some more. There's no sense in subjecting him to the risk of further head injury, especially when one considers how effectively Charlie Batch has played this season. Never mind the fact that the Steelers are 2-4 and barely alive in the playoff race.

The Steelers have shown a propensity for allowing Big Ben to return to the field too soon after injuries/surgeries; it's about time the team started playing it safe with Roethlisberger, no matter how much he "begs and pleads."


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