Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lucky Seven?

Yesterday a reporter from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review intereviewed Hugh H. Hurt Jr., president of the Head Protection Research Laboratory, which researches motorcycle accidents and tests helmets. Hurt reviewed photo evidence from Roethlisberger's accident and said:

"That's lucky No. 7, let me tell you, because if he would have hit two inches to the left or two inches higher, he would have been dead, because he would have hit metal instead of soft windshield glass," said Hurt, who is also Professor Emeritus of Safety Engineering at the University of Southern California.

"Had he worn a full-face helmet he probably would not have broken any facial bones or suffered a concussion," continued Hurt.

Unfortunately the article referenced above (by Karen Roebuck) ran with a misleading headline which read, "Standard Helmet Might Not Have Helped Much."


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