Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bad news for the Steelers, Bengals and Browns

Today, the Tennessee Titans ended their stalemate with quarterback Steve McNair and traded the former MVP to the Baltimore Ravens pending a physical. This is bad news for the other three teams in the AFCNorth. Sure, at 33 the injury-plagued McNair is no longer in his prime, but he gives the Ravens a legitimate shot at winning the division, provided he can stay healthy. Otherwise, Baltimore will have to turn back to Kyle Boller, who has never looked like a long-term solution to the Ravens' quarterback problems. The Ravens gave up a fourth-round pick to get McNair.


Anonymous Eddie said...

It's GREAT news for the Ravens. The Titans organization shows a ridiculous unappreciation for their veterans... including McNair and Eddie George. I think the Ravens will flourish this year and McNair will be the one at the helm. Hopefully, despite their office blunders, the Titans will do the same.

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