Friday, August 30, 2013

Max Starks Re-Visited

The Steelers have signed Max Starks off the street before. Is it time to go there again? In case you haven't heard, the Chargers cut Starks today, in the wake of a sorry preseason performance that saw him give up three sacks and allow one other hit on his QB. That doesn't bode well for his NFL future. On the other hand, Starks has a long history of providing an 'answer' for the Steelers at the all-important left tackle position. And at the moment, the Steelers have a big question mark there--at both tackle spots, in fact.

Could it hurt to bring him back to Pittsburgh for a look-see? I know he's 31 and doesn't fit the zone blocking scheme the Steelers claim they will be using extensively this season. But Mike Adams isn't inspiring a whole lot of confidence at the moment. If--and this is a big if--Starks could ... one last time ... solidify the left tackle spot, that would allow the team to move Adams to the right side (where he seems best-suited) and Marcus Gilbert to the bench.

More and more it appears that the Steelers' most pressing need in next year's draft will be left tackle.


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