Saturday, December 08, 2007

Patriots: What are the Chances...?

Another tough game to predict.... New England isn't playing its best ball right now, but then again, except for its defense, neither is Pittsburgh. Considering that this game features a 9-3 team against a 12-0 team there are a lot of question marks in terms of how certain units will perform. The key to the game would seem to be whether the Steelers can keep New England's high-powered passing game somewhat under control. If that happens and the Steelers don't commit more than one or two turnovers then Pittsburgh has a very good chance. Another key is that Pittsburgh must play well from the get-go. Mike Tomlin's team has come out flat in four of five road games this season, and against the Patriots a large early deficit will be almost impossible to overcome. With the Pats having played in Baltimore this past Monday night the Steelers have had extra time to rest/prepare, a factor that should not be overlooked. Still, we give the Steelers just a 30 percent chance of defeating the Patriots on Sunday.

Thus far this season "What are the Chances...?" is 9-3 (22-6 all-time).



Blogger SeanMC said...

While I think the Patriots are going to win, it's more of a feeling thing. The Steelers defense may be a little overrated considering the schedule they've played. The Patriots defense may be a little underrated given the schedule they've played (5 offenses in the top 10). But the Steelers are an emotional team and this is an emotional game. They also know how to win big games. Both those things scare me, especially considering the Patriots look like a team feeling the effects of the pressure a potential undefeated season can cause.


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