Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lynn Swann's "Steeler bounce"

There's a new article in the April 2006 issue of The Atlantic Monthly magazine (Jock Itch), about Lynn Swann's campaign for governor of Pennsylvania. As we all know, Swann was a Hall of Fame wide receiver for the Steelers and MVP of Super Bowl X. Unfortunately, I can't ever recall seeing a candidate less qualified for political office than Swann. He has no platform, and apparently, no demonstrated knowledge of the issues facing the state of Pennsylvania. Yet, he's doing remarkably well in the political polls, thanks to Pittsburgh's Super Bowl victory last month, which has provided him with the proverbial "Steeler bounce." Let's hope that Pennsylvania voters don't get infatuated with Swann's star power and elect him for all the wrong reasons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not about qualifications for the GOP, it is about celebrity.
Last year they ran Scott Paterno against a Dem. Congressman and almost won. Look at Arnold in CA.
it is a shame.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more, so glad to see others feel the same way, see the truth. My thoughts are sadly so in the fact that whomever wins, or should I say "buys" this position, the ppl of PA have already lost, this state is run on a system of self absorbed, self serving arrogant people with titles who know nothing about the real world, or the daily life most ppl in PA live. We have the 2nd highest paid lawmakers who do not answer to the voice of the ppl, but set themselves up so nicely, compliments of taxpayer money, but we are the 2nd lowest in how much is extended to those who need help the most, the lower income, the elderly and the disabled, their very limited benefits, not enough to cover daily life and needs already being stripped away yet more, but it seems these so called representatives care not about the constituents or the real residents of this state, and if I am correct, Swann actually does not reside in PA to start with, but either way, PA has lost already, so sadly so.

12:14 AM  

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